The Story Of A Cat

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Surf-Noir — Celluloid Trances

Short Story. By Watt.


¿De qué va la Odisea? — Rubal Workshop

Where 's the Odyssey ? By Rubal .O

Dancer's hands

❦Dancer’s Hands❦ — ❦ Shades of Grace ❦

Dancer's hands, by Kara.


9 Tips For Better Self Portraits for Men — Don Urban Photography

Don is a wonderful photographer, dear friends. Sydney-based. Take a look !


A Special Thank You! 🌹 — ❦ Shades of Grace ❦

To a special lady and a special writer (or blogger, dear).  To Kara, and the shades of grace. From the deepest depths of my heart, i would like to thank you, Kara, for accepting the nomination, and for accepting to join and to become involved … Continue reading A Special Thank You! 🌹 — ❦ Shades of Grace ❦