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JR Korpa

Some poets

Playing with the words is wonderful, but not enough. 

blogging, not an art

not an art, and no good, dear

no good, dear

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Sometimes, i feel uncomfortable

Not always, though. Sometimes.

hashtag your Tweets

hashtag your Tweets

Blogger !

Thank You Dear Readers…#10.

A few bloggers -wonderful bloggers- gave up. They stopped blogging.


the body | i

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The Old, The New |

Audio Poema… lo viejo, lo nuevo

Lo Viejo, Lo Nuevo | The Old, The New.

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When you reblog

You should follow the steps i just wrote, dear.

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Create categories and an “About” page

If this is how your Soul feels, then, i respect your Soul, dear poet/ess.

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i need your feedback on this

Outosego needs your feedback.