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This is Sparta, and the wrong assumption

Take care, and know that when we are all right, a tragedy might occur ! Unfortunately !

Si vis pacem

Are you ready ?


It was on a subway station, a few years ago…

Kalouta - Moustakas _ Fermas

Δυό πράσινα μάτια

με μπλέ βλεφαρίδες |   Anna Kalouta (Athens September 29, 1918 – Athens 17 April 2010) was an actress and impresario.  She was only four years old when, along with her sister Maria (she died in 2006) landed their first role at the Marika Kotopouli … Continue reading Δυό πράσινα μάτια


Love, Life, Struggle

Three WordsI saw three words last night as I was scrolling down my “social” timeline. And I said to myself this is a nice topic for a writer to write something about.  Well, dear friends, it’s not that easy.   The language is not the barrier.  … Continue reading Love, Life, Struggle