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Certain Circumstances

if i ask you to go back

The one question |

Jennie Lee

A story before bed

What a beauty !

Beauty can kill

Beauty can kill

keep your eyes opened !

The Old, The New |

Audio Poema… lo viejo, lo nuevo

Lo Viejo, Lo Nuevo | The Old, The New.


i still look at you, do you see yourself in my eyes ? bright sparkles … look hot, cheerful flavors of golden times


poem – tiny little times

Matt -or Mathew- is a wonderful writer. He is a wonderful poet, ladies and gentlemen. A wonderful creator.

Alexandria : outosego

The years are gone, but not for Harold. 

who, shall i say, is calling ?

Who, shall is say, is calling ?

Pro + orismos | Pre + defined destination, destiny and fate

yesterday’s dream

are you skeptical ? incredulous ? 

Half past

Half past twelve. The time has quickly passed since nine when I first turned up the lamp and sat down here. I’ve been sitting without reading, without speaking. With whom ought I to speak, so utterly alone within this house? The apparition of my youthful … Continue reading Half past