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Odeon of Herodes Atticus | Herodium or Herodeion

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

To honor his beautiful wife who died young. 

This is Sparta, and the wrong assumption

Take care, and know that when we are all right, a tragedy might occur ! Unfortunately !

Kalouta - Moustakas _ Fermas

Δυό πράσινα μάτια

με μπλέ βλεφαρίδες |   Anna Kalouta (Athens September 29, 1918 – Athens 17 April 2010) was an actress and impresario.  She was only four years old when, along with her sister Maria (she died in 2006) landed their first role at the Marika Kotopouli … Continue reading Δυό πράσινα μάτια

Tony O' Brien | Special effects

Special effects

Makeup and Special Effects | I don’t Know Tony O’ Brien.  I saw his art work as I was scrolling down my timeline on facebook.  I think he is wonderful.  What an amazing work !… You may want to take a look on his projects.  … Continue reading Special effects

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Rudolf Nureyev was the fourth child and the only son of Hamet and Farida Nureyev.


The Guns of Navarone

  CinemaScope – Technicolor   Once upon a time, at Port Said.   https://www.facebook.com/542625659220504/photos/a.542683249214745/1066663320150066/?type=3&theater    


Painting for the Cinema Mr. Dimitriou, 78, has never met a Hollywood star, but he has painted thousands of them.  He is the last living movie billboard painter in Greece, and one of only a handful in Europe.  You may click on New York Times … Continue reading Cinematography

Dorothea & Kids


HOPE : My “Hope Project” is a project to make my friends laugh a bit… lol.  Because I love them and I care for them.  One night I said to my self : “Listen, my dear self, We Are the Stories”. Dorothea is a friend of mine.  … Continue reading Dorothea

just a word

Dimitris Horn : was born in Athens in 1921, the son of playwright Pantelis Horn (himself descended from an Austrian father and Greek mother), and Euterpi, a Greek. He studied at the Drama at the National Theater School of Greece, where he made his stage … Continue reading just a word


A Shepherdess I loved

a girl desired by all