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the Daughters of the God

They were born for one purpose.

Wait ! Girl !

Στάσου, να σού πώ |

Κορίτσι, στάσου !

μια στιγμή |

Chasing the Sun

I was immortal once !…

Porto wine, dear, and Portugal

i love you all.  Cheers !

Shaikh Ulfat

nominated for the Oscar

“Dear, Outosego, you deserve a Nobel, but for the moment be happy with an Oscar”, she said.

Craig Armstrong

Time Standing Still |

Stone age

I’m not sure if they were Roman soldiers or simply Roman citizens, but, at any rate, they were entombed in these catacombs.

Outosego and the Summer

Outosego and the Summer

Enjoy | Outosego likes the summer, a lot.  Who doesn’t ?!  Outosego welcomes the summer and he celebrates the moment with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta cheese and olive oil.  And a glass of red wine, semi sweet, or sweet.  It’s not the proper time for … Continue reading Outosego and the Summer


Do you know her name ?

Ask Ulysses, he knows better.