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Unleashed in Paris

Learn French, dear !

good people in India : outosego

Visit India

Not to

it is better Not to |

Koine and Jesus

my dear young people

Have faith

But they can’t feel You, can they ?

Philosophy can be

everything and anything.

Vova Zinger

he knows how to write.

Consciousness | Outosego


or Συνείδηση | Con + sciousness :  a word in english | Συν + είδηση : a word in greek Let me check the dictionary for a minute.  Excuse my ab + sence.  It will take a minute, just a few seconds.  Here I am, … Continue reading Consciousness

The test

Africa | How to test a foreigner in South Africa ! 😁👍 Xhosa Traditional Language in KwaZulu Natal South Africa.  


Because of you

WordPress Community, friends & followers : I want you to know that not only I follow back but I read your posts.  It doesn’t matter if your post is written in your mother’s language.   This is the reason we have the “translation -תרגום -traducción -μετάφραση … Continue reading Because of you