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Tastes of Crete


Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens in Athens

Athens, Greece, Food, Tavern | outosego .com

Thessaloniki Food Festival

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a wonderful destination |

Wait ! Girl !

Στάσου, να σού πώ |

Granny Apples

Granny apples knows

Chef Angelo with his friends

Maria and Angelo are wonderful Chefs.

I want your opinion | Outosego

Helping a friend

With WordPress | I’m helping a friend to set up his wordpress site.  He is new on this and I will try to help him understand how wordpress works.  At the same time I feel like i’m practicing a bit and that I’m learning stuff … Continue reading Helping a friend


  A Dime, Brother   https://vimeo.com/327138180  

the Cowboy we trust

Kent Rollins One day, you’ re gonna say : Outosego was right !  This is how we should make bread, Cornbread.  Oh, gosh, let’s send our blessings to him & to Kent Rollins ! To make the long story short : 2 cups cornmeal mix,  … Continue reading the Cowboy we trust