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Donate your hair

It is self - explanatory.  Click on the 5 STEPS or ASK  - people -  your hairdresser OR UNCLE GOOGLE. The following is a discussion with a wonderful lady that I had the pleasure to "meet" on the "Air"  by luck.  She asked her twitter … Continue reading Donate your hair

A voice from Iran

Laleh Chini Author of “Climbing Over Grit” - Winner of “Canada Book Award”-Member of Authors Without Borders https://twitter.com/chini_laleh/status/1103406002744029189 https://twitter.com/chini_laleh/status/1101104833103314945   Click on Laleh Chini &  on Climbing Over Grit  to buy her New Book   Thank you !


John Young - Scotland Author of FAREWELL TOUR OF A TERMINAL OPTIMIST https://twitter.com/KelpiesEdge/status/1103373106251485184