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Nilla photography

Thanks to Nilla

| A wonderful photographer

3 Sisters Abroad

– Leibster and Sunshine Awards — 3 Sisters Abroad

You are wonderful !


nominated for the Versatile Award

Outosego, for once again, is nominated for an Award. The Versatile Award.


A Special Thank You! 🌹 — ❦ Shades of Grace ❦

To a special lady and a special writer (or blogger, dear).  To Kara, and the shades of grace. From the deepest depths of my heart, i would like to thank you, Kara, for accepting the nomination, and for accepting to join and to become involved … Continue reading A Special Thank You! 🌹 — ❦ Shades of Grace ❦

Nominated for the Liebster

Merci encore tellement beaucoup.

nominated for the Liebster : II

A second time for the Liebster Award.

Special Blogger Award | Outosego .com

Nominated for the Special Blogger Award

Special Blogger Award for Outosego.

I’m Unnerved is nominated for the Liebster Award

Nyri for Liebster Award.

I’m Narine is nominated for the Liebster award.

Narine is wonderful. Thank you, Narine, for taking the time to answer my questions.