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All you need is Jazz

And the “Pets Band” to play the music.

dolce vita 1

Amo, Amas, Amat, Amamus, Amatis, Amant

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Colorist | Hi! I am looking to hire a colorist ASAP to start/finish work on a short thriller film. Run time is 9 mins. We had a colorist who started the process and could not finish due to a family emergency. Position is PAID but … Continue reading Colorist

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Script writer

SOS | I know how hard it is to make a living through writing.  It’s not easy.  And I know how much you enjoy writing words and stuff.  If you’ re a script writer and it happens to live around NYC, take a look on … Continue reading Script writer

Film makers and not only

Hurry up| I thought you might be interested.  I’ m a member of the following group :  NYC Film makers  So, if you’ re somewhere around NYC, and you’re a video-grapher, a writer, an actress or an actor, a make up artist, and in general … Continue reading Film makers and not only

George Clooney and a Priest

  For Ouzo 12   Με την υπογραφή τής Theamon FILM INDUSTRY & PRODUCTION : “Αισθησιακό, αλλά όχι χυδαίο”. Παίζουν οι ηθοποιοί : Dimitris Ell & George Clooney . Φιλικές συμμετοχές : Dimitris Ell & George Clooney . Έκτακτες συμμετοχές : Ouzo12, μιά καθαρίστρια κι ένας παπάς ( από καθαρή απόσταξη, … Continue reading George Clooney and a Priest


Painting for the Cinema Mr. Dimitriou, 78, has never met a Hollywood star, but he has painted thousands of them.  He is the last living movie billboard painter in Greece, and one of only a handful in Europe.  You may click on New York Times … Continue reading Cinematography

Τράβα μπρός

For the second time in history : “Go ahead… lol”.  By Theamon Film Industry & Production – daughters, cats & dogs Co. Enjoy !

Ήταν άμεμπτος

ένας κούκλος |

Every morning   you wake me up with kisses, every morning you caress my hair, you laugh all day, you say tender words, … and you fill the house with joy