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only Tolis said something

only Tolis said somethin

god said NOTHIN


I owe them NOTHING


God + politics

… i think

from the old, the new

Ancient Corinth.  Apollo temple.  

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Sometimes, i feel uncomfortable

Not always, though. Sometimes.


There is nothing

Ανέξοιστον και ανερμήνευτον.

Lord, don't fuck with me

Lord, don’t fuck with me

I hit back, Lord.


Κατηγορώ τον Θεό

Να τού επιβληθεί η εσχάτη τών ποινών.

pissed with you, gods

pissed with you, Gods

you’ ll feel the revenge …

gods are jealous, dear

gods are jealous, dear

jealous of us, for good and for sure |