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A Writer's Soul

A Writer’s Soul

Because words are Gods.

Nyri Wesley

Nyri is a Calypso !  Which means she is beautiful, dear.  But she is an Ulysses too, because she likes travelling around the world.  And she likes to write her adventures on her blog.  

Steve McLeod

Steve McLeod knows how to write, and not only !…  Steve is a wonderful writer and he lives in Canada …brbrbbrbr…  BUT he is also an exceptional photographer.

Vova Zinger

he knows how to write.

Dan Venture

Dan Venture

He is young, but he knows how to write.

Granny Apples

Granny apples knows

Racol ta Petru

he knows |

How to introduce Grammatica.

They Know

They know how to introduce themselves.  You can tell.