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Oraculum incolis respondet: Have you gone mad, child? King is naked, for he has nothing to lose. Enjoy !
Certain Circumstances

if i ask you to go back

The one question |

Oracle of the dead

Lies near the northwest shores of the Acherousian Lake.

Ze Spirits Band

Esa Williams is not only a musical polymath but also passionate about connecting people through music. A skilled DJ, producer and educator.

3 Sisters Abroad

– Leibster and Sunshine Awards — 3 Sisters Abroad

You are wonderful !


…and i solved an wp issue

Let’s celebrate ! 

JR Korpa

Some poets

Playing with the words is wonderful, but not enough. 

Jennie Lee

A story before bed

What a beauty !

wp .com

Security wp issues ?

i rise up stronger each time, dear

They went to Hell

They went to Hell

My condolences

Museums in Manhattan

A wonderful experience