Praying is good !

Praying is Good!


No matter my critique to the Gods, i have to admit that praying is good !  It works like visiting a psychologist -somehow- and sitting on his sofa saying what you want to say.  Same thing !  Sometimes it works even better !  And you don’t have to pay for a visit !  Visit Free !  Just saying !

Personally, i have my own way when i pray !  I start a “dialogue” with the unknown superior whatever which is actually a monologue.  It doesn’t matter.  All i want to say is that i don’t follow a “protocol”.

It goes like this :

“Where are you, man ?  Don’t you see what’s going on ?  Still drunk ?  Move your butt, please !  Help him/her, they are in need !  And i’ll buy you a chocolate.  That’s a promise !  I can always make you a pie or a cake, if you wish !  Handmade !  To make you happy !  Come on now !  Show your Presence, Power and Love, and HELP !  Spinach pie and Cheesecake are on the table waiting for you !  I’ll stop my critique if you wish !  Who fucken cares about my critique ?  No one !  PLEASE HELP !  NOW !”    


6 thoughts on “Praying is Good!

  1. That pie looks tasty but actually God really likes Fig Newtons, made with real figs of course and not from that withered fig tree that Jesus cursed out in Mark 11:12-14 — with a nice Chianti of course!

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