Gods are Confused!


GODS are Confused !  For the very first time in history !

I didn’t expect this one !

Either because they do not speak the same language or because they’ve shit their pants.

Some ‘scientists’ -the ones who have studied theology- are doing their best right now to come in contact.

Let’s wait a bit !


Let’s see !

2 thoughts on “Gods are Confused!

  1. Religious nutcakes can put their hands together and look heavenward or kiss the ground or kiss their Ass or slaughter their donkey until the Sacred Cow jumps over the moon — it won’t do a damn bit of good in the Age of Covid the Barbarian.

  2. Give, Help, Support. Whenever you can. Wherever in need for gloves, masks, ventilators. Wherever in need and you can. Covid19 or Coronavirus is not some kind of fun.

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