my sweet bird

“my sweet bird”

For the very first time she saw them being together, holding hands like they used to do.  Her parents.  In her dream.  Two days ago.

A “visit” at home.  Their home.  Their nest.  Standing next to the sofa where she was sleeping.  His wonderful green eyes.  Her sweet face.  Wearing her owl glasses !  Happy and a bit younger.  Holding hands like they used to do !

“Do not worry, my sweet bird, everything will be just fine” he said.

7 thoughts on ““my sweet bird”

    1. Thank you ! I was trying not to pay attention to the dreams. I mean, not to let them drive my mind out of control. I like to feel in control. The reason was a dream of mine in a very early age. I became a man of the science which i appreciate much. I don’t appreciate a few scientists, though. Not at all. And i don’t like the fact we use the word “scientist” -not the word “science”- a lot, since it doesn’t work well. It probably helps to have a good marriage… but it doesn’t work well. Additionally, science, has no answers to a numerous of things. It is what it is, though.

      The last few years -and because of a very traumatic experience of mine- i decided to write down a few dreams. There is an extra reason and it has to do with some studies of mine. etc. Anyway, this dream is fresh. I’m glad you find it sweet. The phrase is a phrase her father used to say a lot to her.


      1. Thanks for sharing, dear. No don’t let dreams drive your mind out of control! But do pay attention to what they say. I also appreciate science “sciencia potentia est”, but like you say—doesn’t have all the answers either (maybe in our dreams 🙃)
        This dream is so timely. Hmmm—some studies? Sounds interesting. Keep writing them down!


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