Covid19 | Spain

Spain | Coronavirus

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7 thoughts on “Spain | Coronavirus

    1. I know, dear. I’m sorry for this, not my intention, but this is what is going on for the moment all over. We should better all be alerted. Be strong and stay safe, also.


  1. My Spanish isn’t great, but I picked up some
    of it and know how bad this is and his face shows he is hurting inside. Ethical dilemmas were taught when I was in school, I took many classes and training throughout the years on mass triage, but thankfully I’ve never had to use that. I saw the pictures today of people in Spain lying on the floors of the hospital. I can’t imagine and hope
    our leaders know what they are doing.


    1. Thank you for your comment, dear Lori. I totally understand what you’re saying about the ethical dilemmas. I trust you, and i take under consideration every word you write.

      This has become, actually, for the physicians and the nursing personnel a work under War Conditions. All Over ! Unfortunately.


      1. I agree with you about working under a War Zone. It is a struggle for some of the healthcare providers to get what they need. Also they have so many ethical dilemmas. Steve cancelled his surgeries last Friday as new data that morning suggested that the sinus surgeries he was scheduled to do could have bad results if the patient had the virus. Sinus surgery could spread the virus throughout the OR even if the patient does not know he has it. It was in the patient’s and the staff’s best interest not to take this gamble. He wont be doing any surgeries in the near future that are not life-threatening. This virus is an unseen enemy in a new war which is constantly evolving.


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