Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer and Big Chicken


Someone wrote the following tweet: “Dinosaurs, we are coming brothers!“. 

I really laughed with this one !  Then i asked Thyself : “Is this the appropriate time for this kind of jokes?”.  “Well, there is no Time, dear Thyself.  There is Now.” i said.

Then i thought of it again !  In a form of a dialogue !


outosego .com

-Outos:  Now has already become Past.

-Ego:  What is Now, then ?

-Outos:  Future is Now.

-Ego:  Which has already become Past !

-Outos:  Exactly !  

-Ego:  I’m getting a bit confused, Outos.  Anyway, there is Time !

-Outos:  What’s your place in Time ?

-Ego:  I’ll ask Silver Surfer, the Creator !… haha…

Silver Surfer

I was observing the skeletons of the dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History, once, and once upon a Time !

“The size doesn’t play any role !” i said.

“Their fate was such !” i said.

“Silver Surfer was huge, and in need for some protein, some Big Chickens !” i said.

“Silver Surfer knew what ‘Certain Circumstances’ means and is !” i, also, said.

“Too many chickens !  Silver Surfer wasn’t alone !  What happened to the Silver Surfers ?”

“Unless if !…”


7 thoughts on “Silver Surfer and Big Chicken

  1. Haha. I liked that one of the dinosaurs and your post. I also read recently something that goes like:
    At the library
    Reader asks the librarian: Dystopian books?
    Librarian answers: In the section of Contemporary History.


  2. A billion children marching in the streets: “DO SOMETHING, THE WORLD IS ON FIRE!”, no response…..Mother Nature designs a tiny bug, invisible to the naked eye, implants a taste for humans in it, mails it out, Presto! The whole planet is closed to Business As Usual…..What Joy!


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