not even counting the dead anymore

“Not even counting the dead anymore”

25 thoughts on ““Not even counting the dead anymore”

      1. 56 infected. No gathering of over 100. School is still open. Library, sport, recreation closed. Over seventy in lockdown. Restaurants are open. Were on level 2 out of the four levels of covid-19

        1. I’m surprised Schools are still open, since you can do things online. Making a plan by creating risk levels is interesting, also.

          Thank you for the information, dear. Stay safe.

    1. According to statistics coming from the World Heath Organisation, the number of the people who have recovered, also, seems to be high, which is good news ! This isn’t unbeatable.

      If, we, the ordinary people, follow some instructions coming from the specialists on the hygiene field on how to use gloves and masks, on how to use proper cleaning products to wash, clean and sterilize, etc. And to stay at home if there is no need to go wherever, we can make it.

      And some quick decisions from local councils and politicians will help a lot, also.

      Ps : You already know all the above. Just saying, though, for the sake of our conversation. I don’t watch tv much so i don’t know if there are clips informing the people on the hygiene topic.

      1. I agree. The number of those recovering is good!! People listening and following recommendations and mandates are the key! It takes everyone!!! Stay safe!!!

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