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Financial Support, European Union!

One day i’ll open my mouth to speak about the European Union.  Not about the citizens of Europe.  About the politicians of Europe, and some practices.  They won’t like it much. 

I don’t care, though !  I’m in constant communication with the Gods now.  I don’t care if i’ll be misunderstood by the politicians and their mechanisms.

If the specialists on the field fail to find something to be able the planet to deal with this fucken virus soon -the Coronavirus or Covid19- things will become much more worse.  It is obvious what is going on, isn’t it ?  If it isn’t, you better pay attention to the news, the numbers and the statistics, and the speed of the spread.

Which means that businesses, workers, families, are gonna be in need for some fucken money, some financial support.  All over, of course, not only in the EU or the US.  

USA seems to have a plan on this, and to support the Americans with paychecks, some cash to cope with the financial stresses.  I have a feeling this will happen soon.  And this is something the EU must, also, do and follow the paradigm.  And, of course, the governments all over. 

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Ps 1: Panicking is no good, but, sometimes, it helps to realize the danger and to act accordingly to help thyself, and the rest of the people.  The following video is an example of how some practices in the name of “Keep things and people calm” do not help much.

A video captured in Australia.  A wonderful gesture, indeed.  Coronavirus will appreciate the gesture a lot.  No gloves, no masks, no nothing !  And not only the police officers but the rest of the people, also !  The user of the twitter account who uploaded the video wrote the following :

” Police officers handed out rolls of toilet paper at a #Sydney supermarket on Thursday to try to calm #panicbuying shoppers down during the #coronavirus outbreak in #Australia #COVID19 #COVID2019AU #coronapocalypse #CoronavirusPandemic
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Ps 2: A video captured in Italy. Army trucks transport dead bodies to crematoriums across Italy.

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Ps 3: United Kingdom. Business owner reacts to news of government support during the coronavirus outbreak. 

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