Gloves and Masks, NYC

Covid19 is not fun. Still, many do not use gloves and masks in New York.

Shop owners and workers use gloves and masks. Customers use gloves and masks.
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NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson :

“There are now 3,615 confirmed #coronavirus cases in NYC, up from 1,871 last night.
There have been 22 fatalities so far.
This is tough news today. Many lives lost. Praying for their families.”
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Click on : Cases in USA

Click on : How to Prepare

Click on : Centers for Disease Control & Prevention


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5 thoughts on “Gloves and Masks, NYC

    1. Thank you, Doree. You too, dear ! It is a must for the people all over the planet to follow a few precaution measures. I see what is going on in Europe which is the epicentre of this virus right now. Still US is doing fine, in comparison to Europe, BUT this fat friendly shit easily can be spread. Because i see how the people move in NYC, i wrote the article.

      Fortunately, New York Governor has announced that all non-essential workers should stay home as concerns over the COVID-19 coronavirus continue to mount.

      I think US can make it. I write about the US because the article is for the NYC, not that i don’t care for the rest of the world. I wish the whole planet to be able to make it.


      1. ♥️♥️♥️ thank you! I saw that today about NYC Governor, so thankful. There is so much I want to say, but in the end it comes down to we must each do our part and be responsible, to keep each other safe. I too believe we will be ok. Stay safe, no that I’m thinking about you.


      2. You’re absolutely right, Doree, we must do our part and be responsible, dear. Thank you for your nice comments. We shall prevail !… haha…


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