Are you listening Gods?

-Sorry to bother !  Just a silly question !  Are you listening, though, the prayers ?  Sorry to bother !  Your creation is in danger, though !  Gods of the World, are you listening ?


-I see.


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4 thoughts on “Are you listening Gods?

  1. Good one, dear friend. Of course there are no Gods. As far as I can see there is only the Silver Surfer! Only he can save the world.
    P.S. My last post was about making another attempt to set out on the “road to God,” clearly now an ill-advised and futile venture. From now on if I refer to “God” (which from now on will probably be never) I will mean the Great Unknown, the Cosmic Enigma, the Mathematical Magic of the Universe and so on and so forth.


      1. All we have is our own courage and strength of character, and I know that I have pathetically wandered far from those qualities since the death of my wife 13 months ago, but I am now surprisingly imbued with a new courage — more like a cavalier fatalism — that will see me through to the end, all of course in honor of my Susan, who, throughout her life and approaching death was totally fearless. (All of the above has nothing to do with “God” — it has all to do with oneself.)
        I drink a late brandy to your health, sir.


      2. Thank you for your comment dear Sir. You’re absolutely right. All we have is us. I’m really happy and touched to see you writing the words: “new courage”.


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