9,751 new #COVID19 cases reported outside China as of 10:00 CET Sat, bringing the global number to 142,539 among 135 countries & regions.

Italy: 21,157 (1,441 deaths)
Iran: 12,729 (611 deaths)
S. Korea: 8,086 (72 deaths)
Spain: 6,393 (195 deaths)
France: 4,500 (91 deaths)
Germany: 3,795 (8 deaths)
U.S.: 2,569 (51 deaths)
Switzerland: 1,189 (11 deaths)
UK: 1,140 (21 deaths)
Netherlands: 959 (12 deaths)

Europe is now the epicenter of the #COVID19 pandemic with more than 36,000 cases, according to the WHO.
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Ps: Numbers and Statistics.  Life goes on, and death goes on.  In a blink of an eye.  

12 thoughts on “Covid19

  1. There’s nothing we could really do but continue live on, until death catches on … Put on the music and dance, dear Outosego, dance to our hearts’ content 🐬


    1. Nice suggestion, dear ! Write down some favourite songs and dances of you, if you please, so i can make a list and edit a few vids.

      We should get into some kind of “Methaexis” through music and before death catches on. He won’t find us here this way.


      1. Most of my favorites are movie themes, such as Lara’s Theme from Doctor Zhivago, Main Theme of The Godfather, John Dunbar Theme of Dances with Wolves, or Main Theme of Indiana Jones … But I know anything from your own selection and edition would be exquisite and splendid, you have such great taste in music! 🐎


  2. It definitely is sobering! We were suppose to go to Florida to celebrate Steve’s Mum’s 91st birthday in 2 weeks. Decided not to go. We aren’t so afraid of catching it but more afraid of having it and not knowing we have it and then giving it to his Mum!! We would feel awful. Take care of you and yours!!!


    1. Thanks for your comment, dear Lori. First of all i have to write and to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Steve’s Mum.

      And second, that you’re right and that the people they are reading this comment should know for the asymptomatic carrier of a virus. You know the terminology better than i do, of course, since you’re a specialist.

      The asymptomatic may have the virus, nothing will happen to him/her, but can always share it all over.

      If i’m wrong, please correct me.

      Fortunately, through skype you can have a live birthday meeting !… haha… Take care, dear.


      1. You are absolutely right. That is why this virus is so bad. People do not know they have it or have such mild symptoms that they end up unwittingly giving the virus to the more vulnerable. With Steve being a surgeon he is exposed to so many people in the office and hospitals. He thankfully has been fine and our part of Iowa has no cases, but regardless, he, or anyone could get it and pass it on before they show symptoms. We are definitely not germ-a-phobics but we have been staying home other than his work. Instead of our Saturday night eating out, we had my daughter and her friend over for dinner. Trying to be responsible isn’t always easy but Until we know more about the virus you have to go by what you were told. And keeping others healthy by staying your distance is a real thing.

        We will reschedule visiting his Mum! She still lives at home and is quite the lady!! Her and Steve’s dad are both from England and came over as adults. His dad is gone now. Steve was born in the States but has a lot of English tradition in him! He loves his hot tea!! When we visit his Mum she always serves some type of tea and treat each day! She serves it traditionally with milk and sugar!! Instead of following tradition, Steve sweetens his with Greek Honey now!! So she just doesn’t understand that!! Hahah! Anyway, had to throw in a memory!!

        This virus is real and if everyone works together and uses common sense I believe we can get on top of it!!

        You take care of yourself and your wife and have a great week!!


      2. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and info about the virus and what is going on and how hard it is for the people who work in hospitals and clinics. Especially because it is written by you who you’ve worked in the health sector.

        I really laughed with Steve’s new custom and his mum looking at him much surprised !

        Have a great week also ! Thanks for once again, Lori !


    1. Thanks for your comment, Lily. Panicking is not a good reaction to things, but, on the other hand, how to tell people “Do not panic” when the news are full of warnings (which is good of course to be informed) and cases and etc. and blah blah… Have a great day, dear. Stay safe.


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