Knowledge, Rara Avis

The rare bird, dear !  You try to catch the bird, but the bird flies away.  Hard to catch it, hard to trap it.  Knowledge is like the rara avis.

This post is for the young people.  Especially for the young people in U.S.  USA is a wonderful country and offers opportunities to people.  Still !  I say “still” because i hear a few complaining voices.  I understand the voices.  Things are not the way they used to be, but STILL the country offers opportunities which someone can take advantage of and to go on in life.

The sector of education has become a bit difficult, though.  Mostly because of the money someone has to pay.  Knowledge and money are not the same thing, though.  You can get the knowledge you need and the skills you need by choosing a school which belongs in a category of an affordable budget.  I won’t write more for some special programs, etc. You can find such.

Some schools and universities are wonderful, indeed.  No matter the name or the fame of the school or the university.  Marketing can always help a school or a university get a wonderful fame.  Not that i underestimate some schools or universities.  I do not underestimate marketing, though.

Which means you shouldn’t stay much on the name, but on the program of the studies they offer, and, of course, on the fact if you’ re willing not only to open a door to enter in an amphitheater, but also to have in mind that there are windows in the amphitheater you have to open on your own in order to catch the rare bird.  This is what will make someone wonderful.

Since i have some kind of experience on this topic -and i’m not the only one of course- i’ll write the following : Some schools and universities, the one we call famous for this and for that, are behind in comparison to a few PUBLIC schools and universities of countries which belong to Europe.

I wrote an article a few months ago about the lawyers in US.  My critique wasn’t to insult anyone but to help them understand where they are and try to make their best to change a few things and to become better.  I don’t expect things to change because i wrote an article, of course, on the topic.  And i have to admit the article can be easily misunderstood since i wrote they are not fighters but loosers.  Not all of them, of course.  I insist on this.  The attitude is such.  They want everything and anything easily pre-done.  Someone might ask : “is this because of the school or because of their attitude, or because of how things use to roll in life or the business life ?”.   A bit of everything is the answer.  I won’t write further details, it doesn’t matter.

If by any chance you want to follow Law studies, go for it.  You don’t have to pay, though, the most expensive school for the same knowledge you can get by paying a school your parents or thyself is able to pay for.  The result will be the same.  Unless if your parents are able to pay the fame of the school, since having connections and knowing people who can help you later on are important in life too.

Still, though, they are behind in comparison to some public schools in Europe.  Which means that the amount of money the schools ask are high for no reason in US.  Inexcusable and unforgivable.  They should better step some steps down a bit.   This won’t hurt their pride.  Their pocket a bit, but not their pride.

A friend of mine was trying to find a school for his child.  She wanted to become a graphic designer.  A very talented child.  The amount of the money they were asking for this kind of studies was extremely high.  It would be better to become a doctor.  Fortunately, the girl was able to make it by finding something descend, affordable and by earning an internship.





Ps 1:  I just wrote an opinion, dear.  You don’t have to listen to me.  Follow your dream, no matter what.  USA is Still wonderful, despite some difficulties.  Difficulties are all over.  Follow your dream !  There are still opportunities out there waiting for you.

Ps 2:  If you wish to fly, a program of three years studies won’t help.


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