God on vacation

God on Vacation

__ All he worked was 6 days !  And that was it !  That was it all !


Some journalists said : “He needed some rest !”

They said “He”, not “She”.  Which means He is a lazy bastard ! And that He is on Vacation since then !

If “He” was “She”, the world would feel the presence and the unconditional love, and not only !  The job would be perfectly done !

Because She knows what heavy duty means and is.  She works all day !  She has a husband to take care.  She has kids to take care.  She has a house to take care.  She has a business to take care.  She is always there to share love, to show compassion, to hold a hand in need.  She works like no God ever worked in his life.

He is still on vacation !  The lazy bastard !

8 thoughts on “God on Vacation

    1. You’re right, dear Lori. It’s all about perspective.

      As i said to a previous comment, my intention is not to insult anyone who has faith to whoever or whatever. This is how i see things through my personal dialogue with the Gods, which is actually a monologue since their absence is more than obvious to me.

      However, if, by any chance, a God would like to write his opinion under this post of mine, i beg him to feel free to do so. I ‘ll be more than happy to hear or read a God’s opinion.


    1. Thank you for your comment, dear Doree. I wish you’re doing well.

      I don’t blame anyone for having faith to whoever or whatever. If my head is on its place and not in danger due to someone’s faith, i have no reason to blame anyone.

      My relationship though with the Gods is not at its best.


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