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in love with the stories

Since when i was a kid.  What kind of stories ?  The stories that a visitor at home had and would tell sitting around the table, the kitchen’s table.   Or sitting in the neighbor’s yard.  Because my neighbors had stories to tell, also.  And to some other places.  My grandpa and my grandma had, also, stories to tell.  Different kind of stories, some funny ones, some sad ones, some full of action, love stories, etc.  Real stories, though.

Their words and the way they were telling their stories mystified me.  They were magicians, dear !  Some of them didn’t have the chance to go to school (wars, poverty, etc.) but, nevertheless, their stories were unbeatable in comparison to some modern writers.  Some others were extremely educated (teachers, professors, lawyers, doctors, etc.).  When it was the time to tell their stories they would put aside the dry academic way of speaking or voice.

And i remember them all, with much gratitude and appreciation.

Later on and as i grow older i came in touch or i was introduced to many books.  Many books !  It wasn’t the same, though.  Few of the writers had an impact, i can tell.  I mean they had something to tell.  Then, i started to be picky.  I still have a preference to the classical literature.  Not that i avoid to read the modern or the contemporary writers.  It is rare, though, to read them for a second time.  Not all of them, but most of them.  What causes this to happen is that they have nothing to tell, unfortunately.  Not, always, their fault, though.  It doesn’t matter.  I think you can guess the reasons why !

Later on the “creative writer” came to become the new fashion.  What kind of terminology is this ?  Oh God, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing !…  haha…  We won’t avoid the crucifixion with them.  And there will be no Luke to write our story !…


30 thoughts on “in love with the stories

      1. I am well, dear thank you. Doing great! Looking forward to writing the next chapter of my story. ;))
        My dad was quite a storyteller—from the “old country” so I can relate to this love of stories. My favorite story is about Baba Yaga. I also agree with you about modern day writing. Meh. And I say that for myself too! My life is too easy. I’ve not known war or poverty. Abuse yes—and maybe I’ve learned a thing or two about a few things—but really? Ha! I’m no Dante. But still—I keep writing…maybe one day…
        Good to see you, dear Outosego!


  1. Speaking of stories, I’ve been awaiting the links you promised to dig out. Maybe you could update it a little and repost it, or tell a brand new story about it? Ever since you mentioned those ‘weird experiences’ in our last chat, I keep wondering about them, curiosity is killing the cat …


    1. haha… i understand cat’s curiosity, dear Dot. I was always curious in my life and this is the reason i followed many studies, different kind of studies. Not to follow a profession, actually, but because i was curious and i was looking for answers, and to learn and get some kind of knowledge from different kind of topics that i found interesting. This is the first time i mention this. The reason of my confession is to make clear -somehow- i’m not someone who likes to write things out of fantasy, i’m not a believer or a follower of whatever. I like to listen to what the people have to say, to ask questions and to filter the words. The words are of great importance to me since they hide some kind of knowledge or message and many more. I don’t like to put thyself under a category and say “i’m this or that”. I want not only to feel free but to be free. Since i have no solid answers to a few things like on the topics of fate, luck and destiny, and to a few more, i think i haven’t accomplished much on the matter of freedom.

      Excuse my long introduction, but i wanted to make clear i’m not some kind of a crazy man… haha…

      Fisrt thing which confused me, terrified me or was inexplicable happened when i was a kid. It was a dream. I saw a lady who was a reporter, a sports caster, rare for a woman back then, and i knew her only through the tv screen (black and white tv back then). Abducted and cut her in pieces is what i saw. I won’t write any further details. Next day i heard she was dead. I watched the news, actually, and i couldn’t believe it. I said nothing, to no one. I was a kid back then. I tried to forget it, to hide it. Then, as i grew older, i tried to understand why an unknown to her and a kid “received” such a “message”. I saw the previous day what was going to happen to a stranger the next day. I tried to understand the Time, also, through this. And many more which belong to the sphere that we call “metaphysical” or whatever. And i tried to understand why things like this one -which occur so often and to so many people- are things that the so called scientists give nonsense as an answer instead of keeping their mouth firmly shut and start investigating. Not an easy job, of course. But someone has to do it. Someone might say that this is a field that the psychologists are involved with. The modern psychology, on the other hand, is a joke.

      The whole dream incident had an impact on me and on how i started to move in life trying to find a place among the orthologists, the people who believe that anything can be explained through the common logic and etc. Bubbles was the result. I thought that i would avoid different kind of annoying life experiences by belonging somewhere where logic explains everything and anything. Logic, of course, is a wonderful thing, but following someone else’s logic isn’t… haha…

      Anyway, there is so many i would love to write but you’ll get tired. This is just a sample.

      An article you may read is : like a last goodbye, which is a more recent story, a real one. It isn’t only the dreams, though, but many more.

      Another thing that drives me crazy is a Plato’s phrase. I know you’ve heard about Plato. He wrote interesting things. Every word of his is so wonderfully chosen. Despite the fact he wrote many things, and of great importance, he wrote somewhere -on the topic of the soul- : “Under certain circumstances the soul is able to remember and to recognize.”. Since then i started to “investigate” the “Certain circumstances”.

      Anyway, dear Dot. Thank you for reading this long comment and for your interest. Here’s the article i mentioned above :



      1. Such beautiful stories! You have a great way telling stories. The word ‘sophisticated’, I didn’t throw it on you for no reason! It’s quite a lot for me to digest, everything you just told, and the ‘Last Goodbye’ I just read.

        Do you think this special power you have is the so-called psychic power? And the friend you called the day before your childhood girlfriend was gone told you she had passed away yesterday</>, does it mean he also had the ‘psychic power’ similar to yours?

        Do you often have deja vu? Do you think it has anything to do with different dimensions of existence, that most of us are only in one dimension this current lifetime, but you happen to have the ability to go back and forth through different dimensions?


      2. Certainly when I said ‘beautiful’, I didn’t mean the facts that people being killed or passed away. I meant the way you told the stories and the effects they have on readers are beautiful. I try to imagine the aftermath it had on you as a kid, and I realize it must be quite a burden to carry around, with no one to share the secret!


      3. I’m happy you liked it. Actually, i don’t have any kind of psychic power, neither my friend. We are ordinary people, dear. And there are many people having similar experiences. Another funny thing is i don’t see dreams often.

        Deja vu is another wonderful and extremely interesting mystery or phaenomenon ! Yes, i used to have it often. Sometimes still and unexpectedly of course.

        Time and anamnesis (remembering). A fully alerted mind giving you some kind of info, (or receiving some kind of info) . I thought this would occur when someone is getting tired and the body tries to relax a bit. And because of this you enter into some kind of hypnosis. I think i was wrong. Someone described me he was able to move around an area of a foreign place knowing where he’ll be by choosing to follow this or another road -a place he visited for the very first time- because of this feeling he was getting which was he’ d lived this before. I don’t know if it is the same.

        Mostly, i have questions like you do. I just write down few of the incidents. And sometimes i go back to some old “knowledge” in order to compare similar situations or phaenomena.

        If, by any chance, there is another lifetime (because you wrote : current lifetime), then we are toys in the hands of whatever, of something superior -let’s say- who likes to have fun with the mortals. This is an extra reason not to respect the superior whatever… haha…

        Thank you for your interest and for your comments.


      4. And pardon my out of control curiosity, regarding the ‘Last Goodbye’, was the dream also because your history with your girlfriend in need of some sort of closure? That your mind had been seeking for peace and she finally answered to it before she left this life? Ignore my question if it’s too personal. The fundamental question is, what is your understanding about ‘telepathy’?


      5. I wish i knew, to give you an answer. I avoided to write a few more interesting things and details related to this story -to be honest with you- that might hold the answer in their core.

        Telepathy is another interesting phaenomenon. If this occurs only with the people we are attached, then either we don’t use the right term for this phaenomenon or this is connected with something else.

        I’m not sure if remote viewing belongs to the same category, but it seems we got results from this, due to experiments on this kind of human capability.


      6. I often have déjà vu too. Which gives me a sense of futility – if everything is predestined and determined beforehand, then what is the point of trying and striving?

        And because I am Asian, I have a natural tendency to feel spiritually drawn to Buddhism, which believes in reincarnation as a result of accumulated karmas. I am not ready to fully accept the idea of reincarnation yet, but I think the concept of samsara (endless cycles of birth and death and rebirth) makes sense. Come to think of it, everything in the universe is in the cycle of birth and death and repeat! Even beauty fashion is in samsara – if we look at pictures of old-timer movie stars, we’d find their clothing was incredibly chic! And not to mention wars. The saying ‘history keeps repeating itself’ says it all.

        Apparently the human mind capability has lots of unknown potential. It is really a comforting thought though, that we could potentially communicate with the people we are attached to through dreams or mental activities or mind waves …

        I am so grateful to you for sharing your experiences, knowledge, and wisdom so generously! You are such a precious being 🍑


      7. Thank you for your wonderful comment, dear Dot.

        Here’s a short story. My mother in law was an Angel and a Saint. One day she asked us : “Is there any religion without having the need for sacrifices and wars and etc. ? Is out there something peaceful ?”

        Someone said : “I think, mom, the Buddhism and the Buddhists are such !”

        “Then”, she said, “we should follow their paradigm !”.

        Will never forgive the “Gods” for the way she left this world.

        The reincarnation story is an old story, indeed. Thank you for explaining the samsara concept.


      8. I think it’d even be more beautiful if we see Buddhism as a philosophy (a way of thinking and being, an art of living) rather than as a religion. Because religion tends to make people losing their cool and becoming overdramatic, just look at the ‘Buddhists’ in Myanmar – those are no different from oppressors and murderers. True Buddhists are exactly like your wonderful mother-in-law (May she rest in peace!) said, having no need for sacrifices and wars.

        I feel instantly calmer whenever I read Buddhism quotes. Here is a website for you to explore – https://quotes.justdharma.com/

        When you feel hopeless, angry, fearful, agitated, choose a few quotes to read and contemplate on, it really helps calming the nerves. Or you can join their Facebook page, where they will post a few quotes every day, and you will often find the quotes correspond to the special concerns/worries you have on your mind at the moment …

        I am not a Buddhist though. Perhaps one day will be. Who knows. Right now I just think it’s worth sharing … Wish you a beautiful Sunday late afternoon 🐞


      9. Thank you for the notice. You’re right.
        Actually, we explained this to her, later on.

        I find very interesting and wonderful the way you explain things. You must be a teacher, or you should become one.

        Have a wonderful afternoon, also. Thank you for taking the time to read and write, and for our conversation.


  2. I agree about the current books being published — I can’t use the word literature — most of the books on the NYT bestseller list are not worth reading in my opinion, a lot of it is just transient trash. I don’t mean to sound like a literary snob, but, like you, I like stories that come straight from the heart, personal experiences; which is why instead of reading the new stuff I re-read the stories that moved me over the years, from Raymond Carver to Hemingway to Salinger and Saroyan — my 2 cents worth probably not worth a farthing, whatever.


    1. Thank you for your comment. Sir. The names you wrote are of great value, dear Sir.
      Whoever is reading our comments -and especially the young people- should better pay attention to the names. Thank you.


  3. I too love stories! The stories my grandpa and parents would tell of the old days. Precious bits and pieces passed on. My most precious stories are actually letters my dad wrote home to his mom during WWII. They tell a story of a young Iowa farm boy’s first time off the farm and overseas while in the army! Great post! It put a smile on my face!!!


    1. Thank you for your comment, Lori. I suspect you have great stories to write. And you write wonderfully ! I can tell from the way you write your travel stories. I always like when you put a pinch of something different in your posts, which is actually a story in a story !


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