just staying !

1962. Penn Station. Waiting cabs. Sam Falk, photography.
1929. Wall Street. Photographer Jack Reilly perched on the tallest building at the time 72nd Floor of the Bank of Manhattan (74 stories in total) still under construction. A panorama of NYC’s prominent business section is seen in the background with the Woolworth Building in upper left. Bettman/Getty.
1979. Painter working at City Hall Station. They had to moved their equipment aside each time the train arrived and then set it all up again. No photographer noted. NYT image.
1931. Empire State Building Ledge. Acrobats perform a daring acrobatic feat on the building’s ledge to celebrate its opening. Otto Bettmann, photography.
1920-1938. Fifth Avenue and 36th St. Russeks Clothing Store. Women viewing the window display. Irving Browning, photography.
1965. Riverside. The Markevitch sisters take a break from playing in Riverside Park to watch the train pass underground. Jean Pierre Laffont, photography.
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6 thoughts on “just staying !

  1. Maybe not an appropriate comment, but this song has saved many lives!! I have been taught in many classes that this song is the correct beat count to do CPR to! Sorry if an inappropriate comment, but years of conditioning, when this song is on!


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