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A nice place for a tourist to visit in Greece is the island of Aegina.  Not far away from Athens or the port of Piraeus.  You don’t have to stay on the island if you don’t wish to.  If your hotel is somewhere in Athens and you want to return back the same day, you are able to do so, since you can easily find different types of ferries for the route Piraeus – Aegina and back.

This small and cute island has some great history and different kind of stories to tell and to share with you and me, the visitors. The first city-state to issue coins in Europe, the Aeginetic stater.  I’m sure you’ve seen somewhere the silver coin with the sea turtle on it.  Here’s some more info on wiki : Aegina

Of great importance and the first place someone should visit is the Temple of Aphaea Athena.  The location of the archaeological site is wonderful because of the view you can enjoy from this height.  The Doric Temple itself is beautiful.

Another place i found interesting -once and once upon a time, when i visited the island- is to visit the hill of Palaiochora, a medieval village of Aegina built in the 9th century.  Ruins of an old castle and a great number of restored chapels is what someone will see.  Not an easy walk though, and it takes time.

Palaiochora is located behind and above the hill of Agios (=Saint) Nektarios.  Which means that -if you believe in miracles and you’re a man of faith- you can always visit the monastery of Saint Nektarios and ask for a favor.  A Saint of our modern times, let’s say.  A very well educated man.  He, also, composed a number of hymns. Especially one hymn, a dedication to the mother of Jesus, is an hymn i like to listen a lot.  Anyway, it is a nice monastery after all.

I’m more than sure that the visitor will enjoy a nice walk on the port, to sit and eat something or to have  a coffee somewhere.

Aegina became the first capital of the modern Greek nation.  This set the foundation of the neoclassical architecture seen on the island.  At first, the neoclassical style was manifested mostly in the islandʼs public buildings, and later spread beyond the main town. From 1829, however, when the Greek capital was transferred to Nafplio, the official architecture of Aegina ended.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, dear Nonna. Yes, i think the place is beautiful, with different kind of problems like every where else, but nevertheless beautiful. Personally i like the whole world because i have found the beauty to many places all over. I think it is the history and the location on the map who makes it a bit more interesting if i may say so. Thank you.


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