his will

Narrator : I remember a wonderful African who said that when an old man dies in our village is as if a library has been burnt down.  This phrase came to my mind when…

Ilias Petropoulos : The insensitive ask me “why don’t you come back to Greece ?”.  Ιt happens to be Greek, of course, but my country fails me.  So i said to my wife that when i die here in Paris, to burn my body and to throw the ashes into the sewer.  My will is such.

Ps : Despite my disagreement to a few topics and thoughts of his, Ilias was a wonderful writer and thinker.  And he was, also, pissed !  Undoubtedly and without any question.


One thought on “his will

  1. Even though I didn’t understand the words I watched the pictures. I am glad. His final wishes were respected. The last thing we can do for a loved one to respect them is to honor their wishes.


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