Paul Swain

at the edge | nde

5 thoughts on “at the edge | nde

    1. Thank you, Lori. I have a collection of such videos, and i observe the words the people use to describe their experience. And i always try to filter few of their words. There are some common things they all share -things you already have heard, especially you who you happened to service a special professional field.

      “Something is coming close and that’s it’, the man says at the end of his interview.
      Meaning still thinking of it, not sure, despite the fact he described his experience nice and in simple words.


      1. It is a open statement so to say. I wonder if he saw something come close during his experience or if he means something broader? Something to think about. Hope all is well with you. Still dreary and cold here in Iowa!!! But I have a warm home and loving husband so I shouldn’t complain!!!


      2. I think it is a statement for Thyself …lol… and instead of saying “i wish i knew what the heck was this” he used the statement.

        I’m glad to hear you are all doing fine. I don’t think you’re a person you like complaining… lol… but a creature who likes to express gratitude. If i compare this year’s weather with what we faced some previous years in Nyc, this is a very fine winter for the moment.


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