Dimitris Horn

Οι χάντρες

Dimitris Horn

4 thoughts on “Οι χάντρες

    1. You’ re right, it is a happy one. This is an excerpt from a radio show during 1966-67. The song was written for a comedy, a movie. Dimitris Horn was a famous actor in Greece and well known to a few countries abroad, especially France. He was, though, mostly an actor of the theater. He had a marvelous unique voice and the composers liked a lot to give him songs to sing, despite the fact he didn’t liked it much… lol…

      Ps 1: in terms of value, still, in Greece -and not only, though- they accept you as an actor or actress if you test yourself by playing in the theater.

      Ps 2: “Oh, your green, your red, your blue beads ! Oh, take off the jewels you like to wear when you’ re passing by, pause your games and stop tyrannizing (teasing) us !… lalala… haha…” is approximately the translation of what he sings.


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