Australia 2020 | Fire

Australia is in need NOW

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Fire info :

3 thoughts on “Australia is in need NOW

    1. Yes ! I wish i knew what kind of help they get from the rest of the world. I saw a few donation links, the red cross and etc.

      And info like the following :

      How you can help people impacted by bushfires in Australia:

      If you’re in Australia, Givit has a list of specific items needed by people and organizations affected by the bushfires.
      People with emergency response training can sign up to volunteer in Queensland.
      The World Wildlife Fund is collecting donations to restore habitats for koalas impacted by the fires.
      You can donate to the Australian Red Cross’s fire recovery and relief fund.
      You can also donate directly to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, the Country Fire Service Foundation in South Australia, and the County Fire Authority in Victoria.


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