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Flipboard was a great discovery, World. With some ups and downs -like most apps and platforms- but, nevertheless, extremely useful.

I wrote a few posts explaining what is all about. You can find them if you type the word “Flipboard” in my search box which is on my side bar, or by scrolling down a category of mine which is entitled “Blocked” for the blocked blogger.

You may, also, want to – whoever is interested- click on the following link which is some info, a few tips : Flipboard Tips

With Flipboard, i’m able to collect -from whatever source- media and posts of any kind, and able to place them in categories (they call it magazines), and to read them, or share them, and to drive some traffic to the authors or bloggers, of course, this way. No, i’m not monetizing anything. I’m not getting paid for anything, but i don’t care since this isn’t my purpose. If i want to, i can. Not this way, though.

I wish you to enjoy this collection. Some wonderful writers, poets, photographers, travelers and artists, and some funny things which are part of this collection. There are many more, of course, out there. However, this is the first time i tried to use such an app -or platform- and couldn’t accomplish more. Take care, dear friends, and thank you.

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