fab 2019 ?


Bad luck and misfortune. Despite the fact, i always try to see the glass half full, not half empty. I force thyself to act and behave the way an optimist does. It doesn’t work.

Despite the fact i’m a bitch, can’t have control of what is going on and happening around. Life is the real bitch, dear ! When life decides it’s time to share some good slaps -for any, or no reason- she knows how to do it.

Some wise people used to say : “Ενός κακού, μύρια έπονται.”. Which means that from the moment a bad thing will occur -or happen- many more will follow. They didn’t know how else to explain the continuation of the bad luck and the chain of some bad events that make you run after them.

And you’ re always behind ! Not easy to win such a race. Not easy at all ! Not even for a bitch like thyself.

I met some awful, disgusting people, during 2019. Shitty from top to bottom, in and out. Full of fake kindness, and many more ! I’ll handle them. I’m a bitch. It is a matter of time. Can forgive, can’t forget, though. Especially because i helped them without expecting anything back.

I never expect anything back when i help, not in my nature. I’m pleased and more than happy when the people around me are happy, also. Didn’t expect, though, that they tried to make me their victim. No, dear ! It won’t happen !

It is a matter of time to get what they deserve. They won’t like it. Not at all ! I don’t mind at all either. I learnt my lesson, and it is about time to learn their lesson. Don’t expect to honor you, shitty people. Someone might call this : “revenge”. Who fucken cares ? I call this : “lesson on how to show some respect”. Respect to people that never hurt anyone.

On the other hand, i’m fortunate to have a wonderful family, and some great friends. If -by any chance- there is a second round, a life after life per se or so to speak, i would be honored to have them again with me. This is how great and valuable and important they are to me.

I, also, met some wonderful virtual friends, during 2019 ! Here, on this shit, the wordpress shit ! Really great people. From all over ! With their own struggles and problems and thoughts and with different kind of activities. Beautiful diamonds. I appreciate this.

On this shit -the wordpress shit- is difficult to avoid some shitty people and things, also. But i’m a bitch, and can handle them effortless. It’s a matter of a few buttons, dear !

Additionally, “Bullying” is an unknown word to my vocabulary. I belong to another generation. “Fight” or “Fight back” is a well known word and phrase to my generation’s vocabulary. And this is why Jesus said : Love no more than you Love Thyslef”… lol… to avoid distasteful situations. But he didn’t avoid anything, did he ?

Losses ! I lost some wonderful people during 2019. Will never forgive Gods for this. Never ! As i wrote to a previous post : “if birth occurs one way, death does not”. I’ll never forget the way they were gone few of my beloved ones.

This means that when i’m gone and if -by any chance- a God will come to visit me, behind the iron curtains and the border between the two worlds- i’ll slap him so hard, to make him feel humbled… lol… He will have to kill me a second time. Difficult, though, this to happen. What a funny fight this will be ! A dead God and a dead homo fighting behind the iron curtains ! Really funny !

In terms of health, i’m not a winner. Won’t be easy to get back what i lost, during 2019. I prepare thyself to face the zero, if this is what my luck or fate wants to happen. This is why i have a permanent dialogue with thyself. To be brave to face the zero. Won’t be the first one, and not the last one. Mostly, though, i care about my beloved ones. Not easy to prepare them.

So, if -out of sudden- there will be no more posts feeding the feeder who feeds the hungry -for words- wordpress community, it won’t be because i was bullied and decided to abandon blogging.

Now, something wonderful is that Outosego was nominated for some awards during 2019 ! Wonderful dear ! I like Fame ! Money are, always, welcomed, but the Acceptance and the Fame, dear, are of greater value… haha…

My thoughts on the awards was -and still is- if my luck change a bit, to hit some doors of some wealthy people. I think they would love my idea on this. To really help some wonderful bloggers, writers, poets and poetess, artists and etc. -no matter the ethnicity or the place they live- with some different ways. Will see.

Last, but not least is an advice -or recommendation- i want to give to the young people. I don’t like to give advices, but this is an exception. Go for what you love and make your soul fly. Do not become plastic, though. For no reason. Express Thyself the way you feel, not the way someone else wants to. And pay attention to the old knowledge and experiences. You’ll discover things you would never expect to discover.

The idea that the old has nothing to offer is a bad joke and a stereotype that you’ll hear from people who never tried to dig deep. Unfortunately some of them are Academics. Academics my ass ! Do not bite !

Take care, dear friends. Thank you for visiting my living room, this corner of mine somewhere on the web, and for honoring Outosego, with your likes and comments. My best wishes for great health, happiness and longevity.


Ps : 2020, i know what to expect from you.

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12 thoughts on “fab 2019 ?

  1. Love all of this post! Most of all yes, the elders have soo much to teach if only we are willing to listen. My grandmother is the most compassionate human I know, I seek her for answers and wisdom. And since I’m kicking ass in 2020, let me know if I need to handle those bullies! 🙏🏿


  2. Part of what you wrote in this terrific article reminds me of two great lines from the 1987 movie ‘Lethal Weapon’ — when the cop Murtaugh, played by the great actor Danny Glover is having a run of bad luck he says to his partner Riggs, played by Mel Gibson: “God hates me.” — To which Riggs replies: “Hate him back.”


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