Madonna of Aigai

Madonna of Aigai

Aigai: the royal metropolis of the Macedonians
Here’s a link that will help you get some more info for the archaelogical site and museum :
Aigai : The Royal Capital of Macedon
An encaustic painting from a grave stele found in Aigai. The grave stele of the “madonna”*. The woman is shrouded in purple and gold. She seems to be bidding farewell to another woman on the right, seated under a window. (2nd half of the 4th century B.C). The grave stele can be found at the Multicenter Museum of Aigai, in Vergina, Imathia.
Picture from Aigai, the royal metropolis of the Macedonians, by Angeliki Kottaridi. Photography: Socrates Mavrommatis

*What really astounds in this painting is the resemblance of this figure with the type of the Virgin Mary that is depicted in Byzantine style paintings, hence the name grave stele of the “Madonna”. In the region of Imathia there have been found many paintings of high quality throughout the centuries, which is indicative of the importance of the region.
Aigai: the royal metropolis of the Macedonians
 The burial of Philip II. The gold-encrusted armour found in the chamber.

6 thoughts on “Madonna of Aigai

    1. You’ re welcome, NZain. Actually, “museum” is the whole area. And because they are tombs, the visitor will have to walk -mostly- underground. To me the interesting thing is how the artists of any time and era are getting influenced and inspired and they create whatever and they move on. And of course, this is one reason why we see same themes, motives or ideas in art, through the years, serving, though, similar or different purposes, ideas or ideologies or whatever.


      1. Right? I feel the same way about artists. Well said. I also find the language so interesting—how these words ideas travel to distant lands. My grandfather was also Alexander. Yes, a ruler must be “protector of the people”.
        Civilization’s long march towards humanity….


      2. Thank you for your comment, NZain. My thoughts on the “ruler” thing is that he/she should mind his/her own business, and organize the societies and communities in such way to make our lives easier and make us happy. In such society everyone and anyone will be able to shine like the most wonderful shiny star. Otherwise the ruler is a clown, and many more.


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