creative writers

advice to the writing advisors

Now, stand still, and listen to the sound !


Can’t stop laughing with a few advisors.  They recommend things and stuff to the new writers in order to “help” them become great one day !… haha…

I saw written :

i. “The writing community needs optimistic voices.”… meow … hahahahahahahahahaha…  

ii. “Spread the Light, not the darkness”… hahahahahaha… meow … hahahahaha…

iii.  There is more but i won’t write them.

Outosego breaker

Oh, my little pumpkin pies, you have no idea about writing, have you ?  Oh, my poor babies !  My baby lamb chops !  

Outosego breaker

Here’s something different :

One day, i decided to write my guts out…” he said.  

Everybody has a story, and a SCREAM” he said.

We took life for granted” she said.

Outosego breaker

Ps : My advice to the writing advisors is to go private, and to create their own community, the “Meow community”.  WordPress has the tools.  It’s easy to find them.   Let me play a song.  Dedication to the “creative” writers… haha…

Outosego breaker

8 thoughts on “advice to the writing advisors

  1. Well this is a lot of fun. 😂👌
    Loved your “something different”‘s.
    “Everybody has a story, and a SCREAM” he said.” Wow. And ain’t it true.


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