"our last night" he said

The grandpa touched her hair, and he said to his wife : “I Love you.  This is our last night.”  

The next morning he was gone.  They “found” him gone !

A wonderful lady wrote the short story -the granddaughter- in the form of a tweet.  With the following hashtag next to her words : #truestory.    And she added : “i will always remember this”. 

Friday night was the last night.  December 20, 2019.  The grandpa was 86 years old.  

Many compassionate comments under the girl’s tweet.  Someone wrote : “It must be extremely terrifying to feel the end”.  The girl answered : “He was extremely calm.  Not terrified at all.”. 

for you, grandpa.

3 thoughts on “"our last night" he said

    1. Intuition. The “feeling”. I’ve asked thyself many times about this “feeling”. An extra sense that we all have. And not only we, the humans.

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