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Oh Gods !

Oh Gods !
Do U Celebrate with Us ?

Let me stop to hear…
Oh ! They are not here !
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20 thoughts on “Oh Gods !

    1. I know long time ago you’ re back blogging, dear, which is something wonderful. Thank you for your comment. Best wishes for Merry Christmas and a wonderful happy New Year !


      1. Well done, Dragon ! Especially if you get some kind of satisfaction back. Because, sometimes school can be boring, a duty! Nevertheless, of a great importance, though. I have no plans, dear, for the winter. I’ll go with the flow.


      2. To meet and to play with my friends is what i liked back then. And to listen to some wonderful teachers who they really had the magic stick – rare, though, and still is. Later on, though, something happened -when it was time to go to the university. Let’s say a “click”, a curiosity to “discover” things, and this is the reason i followed many studies of different kind and variety. I’m still not happy, though. Of course i got some kind of satisfaction because i met some wonderful people.


      3. In our school, most of my classmates aren’t very nice. Some people are good, though, and caring…
        There are many amazing teachers in our school too, who genuinely try to uplift us, in all ways.
        Maybe learning has no end and we can learn something bit by bit everyday.
        Thank you so much for answering!


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