“visit a psychologist” was the diagnosis

Recent story :


A friend of mine wasn’t feeling well.  It was normal to visit a few doctors, and blah… blah…  Couldn’t find anything, which is nice and good.  Still, though, wasn’t feeling well.  

Since they couldn’t find anything, they gave the following advise : “visit a psychologist”.  I couldn’t stop laughing … hahahahahahahahha…

Dear ! What a diagnosis !  Actually, what a “wonderful” and convenient solution !

I said to my friend : “How lucky you are !  Why didn’t you visit a psychologist from the beginning ?  You would have avoid the examinations, the tests and the shit, and you would have solved your health problems and issue, since it isn’t the body that suffers but the soul.  Your psyche, dear, is in trouble !… hahahahaha…”

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Ps 1: My advise to my friend was to insist visiting the doctors, but to follow this time a different strategy which is to visit doctors of a certain age.  I’ll write a new post on this, dear friends, later on.  Because, i’m more than sure, there must be someone good out there and serious.

Ps 2:  There are wonderful doctors out there, but they belong to another generation, if you know what i mean.  The psychologists are not doctors, and they are not scientists.  Not at all, dear.  They might be good people and a good companionship… hahahahahaha… but not the proper people to solve a health issue or problem.  No one has to agree with me on this, of course.

Ps 3:  It is embarrassing for the Medical Schools to still accept the psychologists as part of the MD profession and community.  Let me play a song.

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5 thoughts on ““visit a psychologist” was the diagnosis

    1. You know first hand, Lori. Actually, i don’t want to put the blame somewhere, or to be pessimist. I know there are many in the health field who are wonderful. Not only they are wonderful doing what they have to do, but they leave -somehow- themselves and the family behind. They sacrifice themselves, literally. To me they are heroes.

      On the other hand, and when some people, or universities, or schools, like to use a few words, they should better play the game fair.


    1. … haha… i have more stories to write on this topic, dear Sir, but i’m on a dilemma. People might think that i maybe try to be disrespectful or whatever. On the other hand, when a specialist, an MD -especially a specialist who doesn’t believe in soul or psyche- send his/her patient to a psycho-logist -by the way, the Mds call the psychologists “colleagues” – then they put the life of their patient in risk, because they drive the attention far away from the real health issue.

      Ps: a few months ago, i asked a blogger-psychologist three simple questions. He wrote a nice article, actually. The purpose was to start a conversation and to see if there is a common ground to the basics.

      The questions were :

      i. What is psycho + logy ? (i added : you can give me two answers if you wish)

      ii. What does a psychologist do ?

      I stopped on the second question and i wrote : i’ll give you some time to answer the two questions above. Then, i’ll ask my third question. Indeed, he was kind to answer the questions. It doesn’t matter if the essence or the quality of the answers wasn’t what someone would expect from a scientist. And he wrote : now, i’ll be happy to answer your third question.

      “Do you believe in soul ?” was my third question. And i still wait for an answer.


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