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Logos about the Psyche :


The result i was getting from the vocabulary wasn’t making any sense.  A bit rare for a greek word.  Two results, actually :  i.  (to) blow ii.  (to) freeze 

Then i said : if i need the water to live, i need, also, some air, some oxygen.  Without water i can go on for a few days, but without air i can go nowhere.  No air and oxygen for a min, or seconds, and i’m gone, to meet the souls behind the iron curtain as the Alaska Man says. 

I saw a comment of the Alaska Man under a post.  He wrote : “i think there is an iron curtain…”, for the border between the two worlds.   Very interesting comment and scheme.  I was left with nothing when i read his comment.  No hope.  Then a few lyrics came to my mind : it is here the hell, and it is here the paradise.   

The veil is my idea, or my metaphorical scheme for this border, because of a combination of things and a few unexplainable, inexplicable, mysterious, enigmatic experiences of mine.  It doesn’t matter…

Outosego breaker

So, i said : “the first result for the word “psyche” sounds logical.  Since i have to breathe, in order to live.  Not only the water, but to breathe, also, is of a great importance and vital.  Then i asked thyself : “Are the water and the air the food for my soul ?  Or are they both the soul itself in the form of the water and the air ?   Something which is out there -somewhere- and must come into the body, or to receive it the way the body receives it.  And we dance the dance, 24 hours a day and for as long as… !” 

On the other hand it says “blow”, which means to exhale, to breathe out and not to breathe in.  The fucken vocabulary, dear.  Not only one, and not only the modern ones.  I use more than one sources.  One source is not enough,  not enough at all.  And, of course, i visit the poets and the poetry in order to find out, and not only.  I, also, listen to the people from all over, the mottos, the experiences in the form of a phrase, in order to fish something good, something of value.  And not only !  I, also, observe if the word belongs to a “special” category that we have the tendency to call “Sound Mimetic Words“.  I have come to the conclusion that the word “psyche” is a sound mimetic word.  It doesn’t matter…

Has ever happened to be present when someone exhales the last breath out of his mouth ?  You freeze, somehow.  And not only you.

Outosego breaker

Ps : I won’t write more for the “freeze” word, the second result i get from the vocabulary.  Because there is more, of course.  There is more for the psyche, also.  Take care, dear friends, and thank you for taking the time to visit Outosego, to read the nonsense, and to like whatever you like.  Let me play a song.

Outosego breaker

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