searching for God _ i

Searching for God | i

Harrison’s phrase :


A few days ago, a friend -and a wonderful writer- wrote an article related to George Harrison, who was one of the members of the famous music band which is well known to all of us with the name “the Beatles”. 

I assume most of you in my little wp community know Bill Michelmore, or the “American Daze Purple Haze”, who is the friend who wrote the article.  In case you don’t know Bill Michelmore, you may click on the following which is the title of the article of his : “Everything can wait but the search for God“.

Thanks to Bill, i -now- know that a few wonderful famous lyrics and melodies were written by George Harrison.  I had no idea, despite the fact i knew the songs.

And i wrote a comment -because of the title- to say how interesting the title is.  Bill said : “George Harrison said it — it’s mentioned in the BIO at the end. Perhaps I should put it in the body of the post”.  I said : “The phrase is in quotation marks, it is ok, i understand it’s his, but leave it as is since this is a wonderful title.  I like that you chose this for a title !”


Questions :


I like the title because of the questions i have -or we have- on this topic.  The topic of “God”, dear !  And let’s make the assumption that we, already, know what “everything” means in Harrison’s phrase.   What about the rest ?  Where should we look for God ?  What method should we use for this search ?  What is God ?  Is God a personality ?  A character ?  A figure ?  Or is God the “Everything” and the first word in Harrison’s phrase ?  What is it that we are looking for ?


Behavior :


Some people behave as if they know God.  Not only they know God, but they have a constant conversation with God.  Which is awesome, actually, and they can write their experiences on this.  Some other people haven’t found anything for the moment, and they are -still- searching.  They should write their experiences.  Some other people are convinced that there is nothing and they declare “atheists”.  They better write their experiences, also.

Now, some other people prefer to leave everything behind in order to search for God.  And to live all alone, all by themselves.  And they need some kind of isolation.  They need a peaceful environment and atmosphere.  Not to be bothered by anyone.  They are attracted by the mountains, the caves, the monasteries, the desert, and not only.  Well, this is some kind of a method, or a “strategy” -with a bunch of additional things, for which i won’t write anything else for the moment- and is awesome if they get results.   

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Ps 1 : I won’t write more on this, for the moment.  This post of mine has nothing to do with irony.  Not a provocative post.   There is no reason.   I respect them all, despite the fact i have my own ideas or thoughts or “philosophy” or whatever. 

Ps 2 :  The following two videos are from two “Holy Mountains”. The first one is from the Mount Sinai (i know there is some kind of a disagreement for the location, but you can, always, search you-tube for more videos if you’re interested). The second is a place in Greece, which is well known as the Mount Athos or “The Garden of Virgin Mary”.

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4 thoughts on “Searching for God | i

  1. Mankind’s endless search for “God” is a totally subjective quest. People will believe what they want to believe — out of loneliness, fear, desperation or genuine faith. But the fact (an unwelcome word for the devout but a word that must be recognized) the fact remains — the only place “God” exists is in the minds of the aforementioned God-seekers, which is beneficial if one needs that to live his or her life and especially to face death, but in the cosmic scheme of Everything, it will matter not.


    1. Thank you for your comment, dear Sir. I like every word you just wrote.

      I have to admit, though, i’m not any better than the God-seekers- despite my critique to a few things and my different approach, if i may say so- and i have to admit that most of them have found some kind of peace, which is a wonderful feeling. “It is beneficial” as you wonderfully mention.


  2. Maybe if we don’t say seek “God”, but: seek the good and give love, we will be able to stay on the level we are – not too evolved humans! This is of course a very personal point of view….


    1. Thank you for your comment, dear. I’m with you, all the way.

      Ps : Most of the people -from the people i mention above and on this post- are people who have love to give and share. I’m not accusing anyone for the opposite. If this isn’t obvious, i apologize.


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