the salvation people of the USA

I always wanted to write a few words for the fellow Americans.  This is the right moment.  It’s Christmas Time !

It is interesting to me -and very touching- the fact that the people of the USA -nationals and citizens, if you wish- are, always, here and there to help when you need them.  No matter the political preferences, or the struggles, or whatever.

Someone might say that the same thing happens all over around the World.  And he/she ‘ll be right to make such a notice.  It is Christmas Time, and the people from all over around the World are more aware, or they are more willing to become part of the warm and giving “atmosphere”, per se or so to speak. 

I have no intention to insult anyone.  This is a “Special Thanks” -let’s say- to the Americans with whom i have the honor to live with.  And because the lights are mostly turned to the politicians, and because -sometimes- the image of the land or the country is presented a bit twisted, and for many more reasons, i feel it as an obligation to thank the people of the USA for they are wonderful, and always willing to help, no matter the period of the year or the written date on the calendar.

And this is why i like to call them : “The Salvation People of the USA”.

4 thoughts on “the salvation people of the USA

  1. Speaking as a fellow immigrant, I heartily agree that America is a Great Country and Americans are big-hearted, broad minded, passionate and compassionate people. There is violence here, sure, but there is also an amazing willingness and capacity to live together in harmony.


  2. And you’re right! It is the real people who make the People (may I say that ? It sounds stupid! ) and we have to know each other. You’ve already taught me a lot about Americans (whereas reports, films and series, only give very biased, and therefore false, images)


    1. It doesn’t sound stupid at all. This “special” period of time, also, contributes to the peaceful atmosphere. We will have time to fight later on again !… LOL !!!


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