sweet melancholy

I like Christmas.  Jesus will be born again.  It won’t take long, and he ‘ll die again, of course.  This is the circle of what we call “Life”.   This is a kind of “scheme” in poetry.  Not the only one.  It is interesting the fact we put death in this circle that we call “Life”.  I dare to say this is an oxymoron.  I mean, doesn’t deserve “Death” to have its own circle ?  And to be separate ?     

A second oxymoron is that the birth comes during a period of time that everything goes “dead” in nature.  Which is wonderful, since it seems that “nothing” can give “something”, a birth, or a creation per se or so to speak.  I don’t know if this is what we should always expect from nothingness.

However, if this is what we should expect from nothing, then “Nothingness” is the God.  A Goddess, to be precise.  A female creator.  A Goddess, dear.  A Goddess is the cause of any kind of creation.  I don’t know what kind of Need causes the Cause of any kind of creation.  Maybe, because loneliness is unbearable and not sweet at all.  Not a sweet melancholy.  Not at all.  

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19 thoughts on “sweet melancholy

      1. Doing well, back in Georgia this week 😩 with all my Florida info for the travel lovers. I’ll share some really beautiful spots that capture the raw untouched Florida.


      1. Roller coaster ? Wow ! I assume this isn’t a poetical “scheme”… haha… but a real roller coaster… haha… , enjoying it with some great companionship !

        I’m having a coffee, Doree, and i’m playing with my Zoye, my beautiful daughter, a beautiful cockapoo.


      2. Roller coaster…or life ;). Pretty interchangeable these days…not in a bad way, mostly…

        That sounds lovely! Enjoy your coffee and Zoye…and this beautiful day!


  1. Outosego, As Kahil Gibran said in the Prophet “Your children are not Your Children, they are the Sons and Daughter’s of “Life’s Longing for It’s Self…..I think a good question to ask is Why did the Great Spirit Create Human Beings? Maybe it was lonely all by itself, so it Created Humans, and gifted us with Awareness, so that some-day we might just learn to look up^ and learn how to talk with it and come to Love this Great Act of Creation…..As for myself, I see it all as a Work of Magic, See, I have two Magic wands that I wave around and beautiful music plays for me, yet I am 90% deaf! ~~~~~Did I turn you on to the book “The River Why?” by David James Duncan Yet? Best book I ever had the pleasure of reading, I have bought and gifted away over 50 copies of it…..It is best when read Aloud & shared with some-one you Love very much……Hope you are enjoying another day of Life! ~~~~~George…..


    1. Wonderful comment, dear Sir. Thank you ! I like your terminology ! I prefer the Great Spirit. I got tired by the God. Still the questions remain, but i prefer your terminology. I’m going to order the book, dear Sir. I saw previous comments of yours on this. And i’m curious to see what is written in there.

      “The River Why ?” must be interesting. Thank you for passing by. Take care, dear Sir.


  2. Hey, I was just my close friend Dimitri this week in Chicago. I was talking about you and your great posts about Greece and we are checking out the website he loved it just thought I’d share it with you


      1. Exactly, Chicago is always fun. It was windy of course and cold, but not snowing, although it did snow the morning we drove in, but before we started driving, by the time we got started in, the snow was melted and we were good. So 32 and cold everyday with wind whipping in from around each corner, but we still walked around.


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