2 Dashboards

2 Dashboards and 2 Login Passwords

This is confusing, dear !  Especially for the people who have bought the domain name.  They do not know where they are.  Since, things work a bit differently.  Another form of classic editor on one dashboard, and another form on the second.

When you start blogging, you’ re at the free wordpress.  You deal with only one dashboard.  It is better to write that it looks like you deal with one dashboard, since the second one still exists, but in order to get access you have to type the “wp-admin” at the end of your url in the address bar, high above at the address bar of your browser.

You’ re not confused, though, since they do not offer the option as a button, or a label, or an etiquette -at the left where your wp_toolbar is- in order to click on and to visit the second dashboard.  You don’t understand that a second dashboard exists when you’re at the free plan, or that a second dashboard might be somewhere.  You ‘ll discover this, though, only if you want to get a shortcode for a video -let’s say- in order to use this shortcode by pasting it in a post of yours.  

When you buy the domain name, you get some extra tools, and, of course, they place a button at the end of your wp_toolbar -at the left and down, the last one- which says “WP Admin“, or “Dashboard“.   Sometimes, you’ll see the button labeled as “WP Admin”, and sometimes as “Dashboard” (it depends on where you are at the moment).  Don’t get confused, it is the same thing, and it leads to the second dashboard when you click on it.    

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Why 2 dashboards ?  Because there are two ways to start blogging.  The first way is to set up the whole wordpress software on your own, by finding a company for the hosting and by going to the wordpress .org to get the wordpress software for ‘free’.  You have, though, to know how to come around with a bunch of techie things.  So, wordpress .com is taking advantage of this kind of ignorance and it has set up the same software –the one you’ll find at .orgin such way that you don’t have to get involved with a bunch of extra techie things and functions.  You’ll be right to assume that being at wordpress .com is the second way to start blogging.

The wp .com has to earn some money, though.  This is why the wp .com offers you the wp software -the one you’ll find at wp .org-  piece by piece.  They call it “Plans”.  They follow a strategy, dear, to get customers.  I don’t blame them at all, since the free option they offer is not bad at all, and you can stay free forever, or for as long as they exist, without having to get involved with extra techie shit.

So, the first dashboard is a dashboard which is created by wordpress .com to serve the wordpress .com company and its customers.  The second dashboard is part of the core of the software, though, the one you’ll find at wp .org, and they can’t avoid having it.  If the could they would, but they can’t avoid having it, since this is part of the real shit… lol …

I’ll repeat myself here.  When you’re at the free plan, you still have access to the second dashboard -which is part of the real shit, of the wp software, and the wp .com can’t avoid having it, as i said before- but you have to type the “wp-admin” at the end of your url in the address bar, high above at the address bar of your browser.  You don’t have to type anything when you buy your domain name, since they offer you a button -in order to visit the second dashboard by clicking on the button- which you’ll find at the left and down, the last option.

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How to understand where you are.  This is for the people who have bought the domain name, dear.

First way is to take a look at your browser’s address bar, dear :

i)  When you see as the first part of your address (or url) the > https: // wordpress .com / whatever /  , you’re at the company’s dashboard. 

ii)  When you see as the first part of your address (or url) the > https : // outosego .com (your domain name, the one you bought) / whatever /  , you’ re at the second dashboard, the real shit, the one that belongs to the core of the wordpress software, the one you’ ll find at .org

Second way is to take a look at the left and down to see if there is a button entitled as “WP Admin” or “Dashboard”.  From the moment you see this, you ‘re still at the company’s dashboard, since you have to click on to be transferred on the second dashboard, the real shit … lol …

I have a preference to use the first method, since we deal with two Login Passwords.  When you’ re logged out, you can’t view anything.  You are only being asked to place a password in order to Log in into your blog.  This is the part where most people get confused ( many users complain on the Support Forum for having Login issues ).  For many reasons, dear !  First reason is that they do not know that they deal with two dashboards, and that each one of them has a password.  Additionally, the wp .com doesn’t want to make it clear, as if their “relationship” (the way they get advantage of it) with the wp software and .org is some kind of a secret.  Anyway, dear friends.

In order to know which password to use -when you’re logged out and you try to Log in-  take a look at the address, high above, at your browser’s address field, to see what’s the first part of the address :

i)  If it is : // wordpress .com / whatever /  , you’re being asked to log in into the company’s panel and dashboard (where you can configure your profile settings, also)

ii)  If it is :  // outosego .com (your domain name, the one you bought) / whatever /  , you’re being asked to log in into the second dashboard, the real shit, where you work as a site administrator.

iii)  You have to play a bit, to log out and to log in, to get the idea.  It sounds confusing and difficult but it isn’t.  At least, now, you know how to move around.  Additionally, write your passwords somewhere as follows, to know which one to use in any case : wordpress .com : password | domain name : password


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When you write a post, by clicking on the “Write” option which is on the top of the wp_toolbar (no matter if you’re on the Reader, or your site), you write a post using the company’s dashboard.  

When you go to the second panel -by clicking on the “WP Admin” or “Dashboard” button, to the left and down, as i said before- to write a post, you have the option to use either the classic editor or the blocks (another form of editor), and many more options in case you like to install and to use different kind of plugins.

Outosego breaker

Ps :  Take care, dear friends.  I wish i was helpful.  I’m not sure, to be honest.  However, you have something to get the taste of what is going on.  Let me play a song.

Outosego breaker

10 thoughts on “2 Dashboards and 2 Login Passwords

  1. I just went and spent an hour playing on my 12 & 8 tongued drums for YOU, I wish you could hear the music, I play for Brother fire that keeps me from freezing to death, I play for the sheer joy of being here to live on this Good, Good Earth, when I have finished Playing I put Bath towels on those drums, because that is what the Drum Seller, Eddie Wood told me to do,So they are always ready to play, when I get that urge. Leonard Cohen & I are a lot alike, we both suffer Pain, the loss of Loved ones, that missing piece of one’s life; we attempt to write a beautiful Poem, a way to express our Feelings, we become lost in Words, and then we discover that our old Hearts are still beating, on & on and so we continue on with our writing, our desire to share the Pure Joy of Experiencing Life Here on Planet Earth! This is a Thank You Poem…..


      1. Yes, Yes, Yes! My wonderful neighbor Lady just trudged through 8 inches of snow to visit with me! What a Blessing are Good Neighbors! They recognize when loneliness sets in, when one loses their life-long partner, how hard it is to get through that loss….And one needs a hug, and company, and good soup! And those wonderful neighbors just saved my Life, because I was so lonely all I wanted to do was Die…..


  2. Outosego——Wow, what a thorough, well done, lesson on the use of word press! I bought and paid for G-Suites here on Word Press, I have yet to see a sign of it’s usefulness, or any sign at all that what I bought & paid for has been delivered to me…..I would venture a guess that since I refused to ‘Make Money’ here I am a nobody, a nothing, a Dead Leonard Cohen, so to speak, I must use powerful words instead; I have over 250 e-mails in response to answer and I will do my best to respond and communicate with each & every person, I want to meet up^ with them all…..I mean what is my purpose here? I would guess that I am a little old man, sitting here in an old log cabin, just sharing the thoughts that enter into his brain…..Like each December I put on a light show for my neighbors, It is the long, dark time, so light is appreciated. Today, 12/02/2019 if you drive up^ the hill to my home you will see a light show, yet one has to stop and watch to view the whole show! ~~~~~I invested my money in “Fader’s” and “Chase” little boxes, and even bought a Laser Light show; just for fun. Today we got 6″ of snow, so all of my trees are decorated in eye pleasing White Christmas, so tonight in the dark time my Lasers will play with them, just to show my love and admiration for the beauty of fresh snow……Oh God, the trees are just so beautiful, my old eyes are full of Joy!


    1. Dear Sir ! You’ re a wonderful writer ! I ‘ll make this comment of yours a post !

      Ps : I write -here and there- some info related to the wordpress, in order to help as much as i can the blocked blogger. I’m not sure if i’m able to give some proper help, to be honest. Something is better than nothing, though… lol…


    1. I know, Luisa. Not your fault. Wp .com doesn’t make it clear. Additionally, most of the users are, also, logged in almost permanently. So, they do not understand it immediately.


      1. You’re welcome, Luisa. You won’t have same issues, though, since you’re at blog. wordpress .com

        However, you can, also, visit the dashboard i’m talking about if you type wp-admin at the end of your url. Sometimes, you have to, since this is the only way to get shortcodes from videos you upload, in case you want to use the shortcodes, etc.

        Nice talking to you, Luisa. Take care.


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