go on… my son

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4 thoughts on “go on… my son

  1. Outosego, What is the point of this movie Video? Maybe because I am Deaf, and there are no Captions, to read, I missed the whole point of this show? Is this from the “Godfather” Movie? Many years ago?


    1. Good morning, Sir. Indeed, this is a scene from the “Godfather” ii. An interesting scene, since he decides to make a confession. The priest is kind and he uses the phrase “my son”. Despite the fact he listens to some terrible things. At the end he says : “this is why you suffer, your life will be redeemed, you won’t change and you know it…”

      A few years ago i was writing some essays, making an analysis on different topics.
      I was mixing and match, finding keywords, filtering things and stuff, explaining words and notions, and many more, using examples or paradigms from the “private” and public life, from ancient times till the modern, etc. One of the topics i was writing about was “under certain circumstances”. This is a scene i used (not the only one, of course, and not only from “Godfather”), for a few things i had in mind to write about, back then.

      Here’s the scene with subtitles :


      1. One night 35 years ago, my Lady & I were watching David Letterman on our old T.V. when we looked at each other and said “Why are we watching this Stupid, time-wasting crap?” The next day that T.V. was in the trash, and we never missed it! We got to Share precious time together….We even talked to each other! Precious Time Indeed!


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