They were pessimists

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He said.  The Professor, dear.  Once, and once upon a time.  He said: “This is why they created whatever they created.  Because they were extremely pessimists”.

I couldn’t bite this one.  Back then, i couldn’t bite this one.   I think it was because of the time.  Both alive.  The Professor and i.  At the same space.  We were counting the time differently, though.  The perception, or the realization of time -let’s say- wasn’t the same.

When you’ re young, you don’t care about the fucken time.  Either because you’ re a God, or because you’ re not wise enough.   Which means that it is much better to put my hopes on the roulette table than to invest to a forever young and immortal God, and wait for some kind of return.  It won’t happen !

Decor Lines

7 thoughts on “They were pessimists

  1. And the worst part is that before we die, we’re going to get old!
    Then we can see things backwards: every day lived is a happy day, because we are not yet dead ! No ? 🙂

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