Historical meeting

Historical meeting

3 thoughts on “Historical meeting

  1. Outosego: THIS IS INCREDIBLE! The Godfather of Soul and the King of Opera! I don’t know where I was or what I was doing in 2002, but I missed this concert at the time. The greatest once-in-a-lifetime musical event of all time. (Interestingly, James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti were born two years apart and, sadly, died one year apart.) Thanks for sharing this. It’s a keeper! Guglielmo.


    1. .

      This is a wonderful and historical meeting, dear Sir. Knowing James Brown childhood and what he went through, i’m so happy to see him happy and pleased and satisfied being next to the King of Opera.

      The place of the event -which is well known as “Pavarotti and Friends”- is Modena, Pavarotti’s home town. James Brown received an invitation to be part of the great symposium. What a wonderful acceptance !

      Ps 1: I have the feeling you know a lot about Italy, dear Sir, which is awesome, and probably you can write a few stories, if you wish to do so, though. It is always nice talking to you, dear Sir.

      Ps 2: I’m thinking of writing a post about the lyrics of this song, the way it is written.


      1. These lyrics? “It’s a man’s, man’s, man’s, man’s world / But it wouldn’t be nothing / Without a woman or a girl…” Yes, good idea, I’d like to see that. Italy, si, il padre di mia madre era del nord Italia. The V in my middle name stands for Vito, after my grandfather. Guglielmo.


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