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  1. Hey Outosego, this old man just had an idea! I have a Canon Camera that I think does video/sound, if I do that & record my drum playing, and put the little card into my laptop where does it go? Is it pdf or jpg? How do I transmit it out to like YouTube? Any Help Appreciated!


    1. Wonderful idea, dear Sir !

      This little card is, actually, another form of a data storage, sine we were talking about hard disks and flash drivers, lately.

      What will probably happen when you’ll place the card in your laptop is :

      Either the file explorer will open automatically or it won’t and you’ll have to find this card to click on it (it has a name, it will be recognized as an extra device by your laptop) by searching “This PC”.

      I think, though, the file explorer will popup and you’ll be able to open this. Not a pdf or jpg. Because it is a video you’re looking for, it will have another name.

      You have to play a bit, and you’ll understand how it works the whole procedure (from placing the card into the laptop to finding the folder with the video file).

      You may, also copy and paste it in a folder of your laptop.

      You may, also, search it through your wordpress blog, if you go to the “media” option (to the left where our tool panel and options are) and upload it to your media library. If you do so, it’s easy to bring this into a post of yours by clicking on the media button which is on the toolbar on the top of the post.


  2. What, pray tell, is a hard drive? I have lap-top Lenovo Yoga computers with no access to their innards, I have my files transferred, and my e-mails, but the rest is Greek to me……I am working on Book-marks now, but google does not make it easy, I keep having to enter pass-words which I have faithfully logged in on my little Red Book,yet it refuses to recognize them…WTF?


    1. Hello, dear Sir. I wish you are doing well. Sometimes, it’s all Greek to me, also. No worries.

      I assume the Lenovo yoga is your new lap-top, right ? With windows 10 for operating system ?

      I assume the Red book is some kind of a real notebook, right ?

      You maybe do not have access to some innards because you’re being asked to place the serial number of your purchase (not sure on this).

      Do you use internet explorer as a browser (the one with the “e” symbol) ?

      Where do you want to log in and you can’t log in ?

      Was your old pc a lap-top, also ?

      Ps 1: It might be a bit difficult to help you from a distance, but we may accomplish something. Who knows ?… haha… Hard-drive is a square iron cassette and its size is not the same for all pc’s. It depends on the pc. A laptop has a smaller and thinner hard drive. A desktop computer has a bigger and thicker hard drive.

      Ps: If you have all your files transferred, you don’t need to do anything with your old pc, then. But do not get rid of it. Keep it.


      1. dear Outosego,, again I owe you Thanks! I got everything transferred except for bookmarks, which I am working on, and that little bottom strip, I was able to send my first e-mail on it today! I am on my old one, as I am used to it, but I will make myself use the New One, both are Lenovo Yoga’s I really enjoy traveling this world via inter-net, I have like over 50 fans (I do not call them followers, as that implies a Leader and I lead nothing, I just spill stuff out of my little human brain! I have found the Net to be a welcoming, compassionate place, for a man grieving the loss of his Life-time Partner, and contemplating suicide, all of these caring people pulled me back from that, what I find here gives me courage because being deaf is a lonely world indeed, and here, deafness does not matter! Thank YOU again for your willingness to assist me!


      2. You’ re welcome, dear Sir. It is nice to hear that you have found some kind of a companionship through net. And i’m sure when you’re done with the techie job, you ‘ll have the time to write about the place you live, and some wonderful stories about your experiences in life.

        Ps 1: I wish i could help much better, more drastically -let’s say.

        Ps 2: I recommend -when you have the chance- to buy some external hard drives (they are cheap). Two are ok for the beginning. If you cannot afford to buy two, then buy one, the following type which is well known with the name “usb flash drive”. The reason is to have your data in your keys, and use them in any pc no matter where you are. There are more reasons, like to easily transfer data from one pc to another.

        Ps 3: “Here’s an example of how the “usb flash hard disk /or drive” looks like :

        Ps 4 : When you see the numbers 32 or 64 GB (and more, like 1TB = terra-byte) , or the word “memory”, they mean the capacity or the size of the storage.


      3. Thank YOU again for thinking of me, I think I have a few of those flash drive things, but I do not know how to up-load them, I just plugged them in and when it looked like they were full I stowed them away, i also have a CD drive unit with no idea how to upload them, man, ignorance is not Bliss….maybe read my latest blog post to see what I think of, and how I view this world of ours?


      4. It’s not your fault, dear Sir. Even the specialists on the field, when they deal with a new app or software, or whatever, they have to spend many hours to understand the new shit, and to come around. Which means, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable.

        Ps 1 : Let me find some time and i’ll write you how you’ll use the flash drives.

        Ps 2 : I paste your post -the one you mention- here, dear Sir. For the visitors of mine -or for whoever is taking a look at the comments- to be able to click on your post and to read what the Alaska Man has to say, or what the Alaska Man has said :



      5. Wow! it is snowing outside now, I do not know how to appreciate your work on my behalf, way more than I would ever dare to ask for!, i now have many more fans than I ever imagined I could stir up^,I wrote a Post on Word Press to thank each individual person, for finding my posts worth reading! For now i am going to sleep for a few hours and then I will be back at it, Words & more Words, just to see what happens!


  3. Outosego, Just watched the Video, Wow! nice job, you captured it perfectly, especially the Raven on his head! You are a wonder to behold…..I wish I was better at doing things on here, but with no instructor, I have to trial & error, but no big deal, I will learn as I go, with help from folk like YOU, Many thanks for the Honor you did me!


    1. haha… there is a link at the end of the video where it says : Visit : Alaska Man. Whoever is interested to visit you will be able to click on it and visit you, directly.


      1. Video? What is that? I have not looked at a T.V. in thirty-five years, I did go to You Tube to watch Neil Young, Ravi Shankar, Grateful Dead, but that is rare for me….where is the click site? You have to remember that I am a novice on computers, I cannot even get this new Google Pixel phone I bought to work, nor can I transfer my old computer (This one) over to a new one I just bought, it will take me a month or more to figure it out….I wish I was a whiz kid, but I am just an old man, recently widowed……


      2. Editing short video clips is a hobby of mine, dear Sir. I often introduce a story or a poet i like, or whatever i find interesting by editing a short video clip. I enjoy it very much. I find this a bit more interesting instead of sharing awards (which is nice, also). It doesn’t matter if you’ re novice, dear Sir. I’ll help you if i can with questions you may have.

        Now, as for the data in your old computer. All your data is in a place that we call hard disc. A common tactic is to take the disc out and to place it in a special case (cheap to buy a suitable one) which has a cord. This case has a cord. And you can plug in this cord to one of your usb ports which are available at your new laptop. You can visit your old data this way, and -of course- you can transfer your old data to your new laptop by copy pasting them. All you need to know is the storage capacity of the disk of your new laptop, if it is big enough to transfer the old data in there if you wish to do so. I think that some young people on a pc store will be able to help you, since this is easy.

        Ps : To watch the video, make a left click with your mouse on the second “picture”. Underneath there is the phrase : Visit : Alaska Man. A left click with your mouse on the words “Alaska Man” will lead anyone to your blog.

        I wish i was helpful.


      3. Thank you, for the advice, unfortunately I live in a very small town in Alaska, we used to have a Radio Shack store, but that is long gone, I will try to find some whiz kid to help me out. You give good advice, and take time out to help old duffer’s like me, much appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving Day, which should be every day of our lives……


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