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panel test |classic editor| business plan

_ Note : wp.com_dashboard (not wp/admin) :

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4 thoughts on “panel test |classic editor| business plan

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    vi. Jetpack is a good plugin, firmly attached to the wp .com (part of the infrastructure – not able to deactivate this one), but, probably, with a few issues when you upgrade your plan.
    vii. etc.


  2. .
    v. You don’t have to keep an eye and fix the permalinks (slug), when you write posts on the wp_dashboard (where the classic editor is a bit upgraded with the SEO description box, not big of a deal)
    vi. etc.


  3. .

    i. displays the post on the wp_Reader with no delay
    ii. Visiting the post on the wp_Reader through the notification table doesn’t change the mess. Still displays shortcodes and links.
    iii. They’ve changed a bit the appearance of the videopress box, but still has issues.
    iv. etc.



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